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Bonus Wallet

How does the "bonus" wallet work?

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Your Bonus Wallet is free money that will "trickle" into your Real Money account as you play.

Our initial deposit bonus is the best example of this. When you receive your initial deposit bonus, the deposit bonus is added to your "Bonus" total. With every wager you make, 10% of the wager amount is trickled out into your Real Money Account.

So for instance, if you received a $10 deposit bonus then you'll see $10 in your Bonus wallet. As you play, that bonus amount will decrease as the bonus money is added to your Real Money Account.


  • $10 is in your Bonus Account

  • You place a wager for $10

  • $1 will be Transferred from your Bonus Account to your Real Money Account

  • $9 will remain in your Bonus Account

Your bonus wallet will show up whenever you have bonus money available. When all your bonus money is added to your Real Money Account, the bonus wallet will disappear until you're awarded more Bonus Money.

So keep those wagers going so that you can collect all the bonus money that you're eligible to collect!

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